the Environmental and People's friendly brand!

Why buying from®?

Compensates the work of a social institution / association in €1.00/each bag;

Stimulates the creative skills

of those who make it, resulting into unique products;

All its components are environmentally friendly;

It is entirely

"Made in Portugal.

What is®?

The® by CZ brand is Environmental and People friendly!
It was created based on the assumptions of the Circular Economy: RE.cycle, RE.use, RE.duce!


The chosen product to launch the brand is a fabric shopping bag, aligned with the current eco-conscious trends.


By buying a® fabric bag people will be contributing to the sustainability of the planet because:

  • The fabric bag is made from textile wastes from the production processes of home textile companies.

  • The brand label is made from recycled polyester yarn.

  • The branding label with the message that the company/brand wants to convey is printed on 100% organic cotton fabric.

  • The bag handles are made of 100% organic cotton fabric.

  • The concept brand is made of cotton waste mixed with plants seed, resulting in an environmentally friendly paper that can be cut into pieces and planted in a vase and, after about 20 days, flowers will be decorating people's home (in this particular case, poppies).


And they will also be contributing to the social sustainability of various Social Institutions and associations because the® fabric bags will be made-up entirely by its users and® will be paying them €1,00/each bag.

We will thereby be enhancing their work and self-esteem, promoting their inclusion within a team-building spirit, giving them a sense of belonging to a process resulting in a product that they can also feel like their own.


In this way,® by CZ intends to contribute to the due appreciation of a fringe of the population that is usually relegated to non-intervening roles and not deserving of proper recognition by society.

The idea is to make a difference through different people :) .


How can I be part of the community®?

The® Social Partner

exchange needs you!

By making-up our products, you are contributing to the financial sustainability of your institution/association and the social inclusion of your users by valueing their work.

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